French (Fr)Japanese(JP)English (United Kingdom)

I chose to trade under the name Zen Translations because it is important that my customers have peace of mind, knowing their project is in the hands of a caring, consummate professional.

Quality communication

The success of a project lies in a rigorous understanding of your expectations and needs. I am here to discuss these with you and guide you toward the best solutions for your project, thus helping you to reach your goals.

Quality of services provided

Professional associations recommend that professionals translate exclusively into their native language. Mine is French. I take pride in accuracy and style, which is why I offer only English-to-French and Japanese-to-French services. For the same reasons, I only accept assignments in subject areas I feel absolutely comfortable with.

However, I do collaborate closely with native Japanese, English and French linguists working in a variety of fields. If I am unable to help you with a particular project, I may be able to recommend someone else.

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