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I believe there is strength in numbers, and am very fortunate to be supported by a network of seasoned professionals. Some are linguists in different language combinations from mine; or work on other continents. Others are illustrators, graphic designers, directors, guide-interpreters or consultants. All are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their area of specialty.

If you require auxiliary services, feel free to talk to me about them. We should be able to satisfy your every need. Below you will find profiles of some of these professionals.


Lionel Dersot, consultant and liaison interpreter, Tokyo

Lionel knows Japan like the back of his hand, and has lived there since 1985. If you need someone to advise you, prepare and/or accompany you during your business trips in Japan, he is the man for the job.


Michael Goldberg, videographer / producer, Tokyo

Michael has lived in Japan 30+ years. Born in Montréal, he works with confidence in English, French and Japanese.  He is currently responsible for the FFJ (Freelance France Japon) network.