French (Fr)Japanese(JP)English (United Kingdom)

The act of communicating a message from one language into another requires some serious skills. Having a talent for languages is simply not enough: the translator must have a perfect understanding of the cultural environment, your goals, the subject matter and the terminology. Don't take any risks, contract the services of an expert!

Language combinations for Technical Translation

Japanese --->French

Professional associations recommend that clients contract the services of translators who work exclusively into their native language, as it is all but impossible to pick up on all linguistic, stylistic and cultural subtleties of a foreign language and culture.

For this reason, I translate exclusively into French (my native tongue) from English and Japanese. If you require a translation into Japanese or English, I will gladly put you in touch with trusted native English and Japanese colleagues.

Areas of specialisation

Although I work in a variety of fields, I have received formal training in the social sciences, concentrating specifically on anthropology, sociology, politics, economics and urbanism. Direct and indirect clients include the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JICA, JETRO, ITTO, UNDP, UN-Water and UNODA.

In addition, I have done extensive studies in Japanese and European arts and art history, and am well versed in traditional arts and crafts but also in embroidery, sewing and knitting. I work regularly with several French publishers and write a blog about Japanese arts and crafts.

Environnemental issues, agriculture and architecture are some of the other fields I am particularly interested in, as well as medical research (in particular GUM and women's health).


Range of documents supported

Conference proceedings, articles (specialist reviews, journals, magazines), brochures, formal statements, political speeches, media kits, inquiries, essays, guidebooks, art books, DIY books, handbooks, minutes of meetings, progress reports, websites, theses, etc.

Details of recent projects are available on request.

Translation tools

In addition to Microsoft Office suite, I use professional software which helps assure consistency of terminology, regardless of the project size. I also capitalise on my Website creation skills when you need assistance localising your site in French.

As a self-respecting translator, I use a full array of printed and electronic specialised glossaries and dictionaries.

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