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From 2010 to 2015, I served as editor in chief of the Freelance France Japon network magazine, Éclectiques. While my main role was to support contributors and oversee editing, proofreading and translation operations, I did contribute a few articles:

  • "Le peuple du train", in the first issue, draws upon the social science research I conducted in Japan.
  • “L’Alsace au Japon”, in the second issue, is a recollection of my first stay in Japan, where I worked in a museum.
  • "L'union fait la force", in the third issue, highlights the importance of professional networks. At the end of the magazine, Yoko Majima, a trilingual Japanese lawyer, tells me about her background and activies.
  • "Happiness", in the fourth issue, reflects on my first Japanese novel translation experience. At the end of the magazine, Lionel Dersot, a consultant, tells me about his background and activies.
  • In the fifth issue, Sébastien Lebègue, photographer and graphic designer, answers my questions.


Freelance France Japon is a network of independent professionals whose work is closely related to Japan and France or other French-speaking countries. Its members come from a variety of specialties and disciplines, including translatiion, interpreting, consulting, graphic design, photography, film making, teaching and law.



Traduire is a French-language magazine published twice a year by the French Translator’s Association (SFT). Articles on general or selected topics, interviews, essays on a variety of academic topics, practical accounts or case studies are all designed to spark reader’s intellectual curiosity and give them food for thought, while challenging book reviews seek to whet their literary appetites. I contributed an article about arts and craft books translation ("Un bon croquis vaut-il mieux qu'un long discours", Traduire 230: A la croisée du texte et de l'image, 2014).





ITI Bulletin

ITI's industry journal, the Bulletin, is published bi-monthly and has an estimated readership of 7,000. Both informative and entertaining, ITI Bulletin has a broad scope, and contains articles relating to all aspects of translation and interpreting. The ITI Bulletin is the current holder of the FIT Best Periodical Award. In "Beyond the bubble" (March-April 2015), I write about building a diverse network of professionals accross a variety of industries





AUSIT - In Touch

The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members and others who may be interested in issues associated with the interpreting and translation professions. I wrote an article in the winter 2011 issue concerning the impact of the March 2011 tsunami on the translation and interpreting industry.