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Hiring a professional interpreter will allow you the freedom to concentrate fully on the message you wish to communicate.



Language combinations for liaison interpreting

Japanese <--> French
English <--> French
English <--> Japanese

What is liaison interpreting?

In liaison, or consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking. After the speaker has finished, the interpreter repeats what was said in the target language. Depending on the circumstances, it may be preferable to interpret after each sentence or in segments of several minutes.

Unlike simultaneous interpreting (where the interpreter speaks at the same time as the person he or she is interpreting for), liaison interpreting does not required specialised equipment.

Location flexibility and networks

I can travel with you to any location in Europe, Japan or elsewhere. If I am not available, it will be my pleasure to put you in contact with a trusted colleague in France, Japan or Australia.


Liaison interpreting is generally charged by the day (up to seven hours, including one hour break) or half day (up to three hours) at 60% of the day rate. Depending on the location of the project, travel, accommodation and per diem expenses may apply.

Please contact me for a detailed quote.

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